Stacey’s Melodious Band Concert! 1

Elaine Tong

Stacey Middle School presented “Music for the Sake of Music,” led by Mr. Jordan Woodruff on Wednesday, February 23. Our band performed pieces in the multipurpose room featuring the Intermediate Guitar Ensemble, Advanced Guitar Ensemble, Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Extreme Winds, and Performance Ensembles.

Many parents, teachers, students, and others arrived to enjoy band’s performance filling the Multi-purpose room to standing room only. It lasted approximately from 7 PM to 8 PM. Programs were provided to guide the audience along the performances. 

The pieces played by Intermediate Guitar Ensemble were “Prelude in E” by M. Carcassi and “Song Tune” by Thomas Campian.

Next was the Advanced Guitar Ensemble who performed “In Maytime” by Ludwig Senfl and “Alleluia” by William Boyce.

Afterward, Beginning Band performed three songs: “March Premier” and “Echo Valley,” both by Gerald Sebesky, and “Beethoven’s Ninth” by Ludwig Von Beethoven.

Another section directed by band’s instructor, Mr. Woodruff, was Concert Band. They presented Bruce Person’s pieces, “Royal Crown March” and “A Classical Cannon,” and “Resolution” by Sean O’ Loughlin.

The symphonic band played “Cardif Castle” by Mark Williams and “The Great Gate of Kiev by “Modest Mussorgesky. They played yet another piece of Mark Williams’, “Dragons of an Ancient Court.”

Wind Ensemble performed stages of John Higgins “American Spirit March” and Michael Sweeny’s “Theme from Star Trek.”

Close to the end, Extreme Winds, a group of selected people, Advanced Guitar, and Wind Ensemble performed “Royale Fireworks Music” by arranged by Michael Sweeny.

Lastly, Performance Ensemble, also composed of selected people, introduced “Super Nova” by John O’ Reilly, “Aztec Sunrise” by John Edmondson and “Dragon Slayer” by Rob Grice.

Stacey’s band holds many concerts each year. And there will be future concerts. If you missed this one, you can anticipate their next performance!

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