Meet Dance Club Member, Grace Lee! 4


Evelyn Huynh

Grace Lee is a Dance Club member here at Stacey Middle School. She was born on February 19, 2004, so wish her a belated happy birthday! This is her first year at Stacey. Last year she went to Schroeder Elementary.

When Grace was asked what inspired her to join the Dance Club, she responded with, “J-Hope from BTS has inspired me to be happy no matter what. I joined Dance Club because I love dancing and I have friends to talk about music.”

She was also asked what the downsides to it were. “There are no downsides to Dance Club because Dance Club is made up of my friends and I have become really close to them,” Grace responded.

Grace loves to listen to music, eat, shop, dance, and sing. She has two brothers, 10 and 4, as well as a dog named Liefie.

Grace Lee is an amazing dancer and a super friendly person, who should be recognized for her talent!


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