Requests for 2nd 2017 Dodgeball Tournament 3


Oanh Tran

The second dodgeball tournament of 2017 is coming up soon.  For those interested in making the team for dodgeball, the requests are now open for more teams to be created.  The requests end by February 28th at 3:00 pm.  

To meet the requirements, please pick a team of 6-8 players, choose a team captain, and let the captain go to room G2B to get the forms for the team.  Each player will have to fill out a liability/insurance form, and pay the entry fee of $1.  The captain should receive the paperwork and money and turn it into room G2B.  

Six players will be playing another six players with six dodgeballs on the court.  To defeat the opponent players will need to either catch a live ball or score a direct hit to an opposing player.  

All students are encouraged to come and watch the teams play as the tournament will be the place to hang out or support other teams. Students are allowed to bid for the team they want to win.  Best top three teams in the tournament will earn cash. The best team name and team uniform will earn pizza!  


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