Study Sync Takes the Cake Reply


Delaney Powell

Like most of you know, in December the Westminster School District chose StudySync as the new English Language Arts curriculum. After Ms.Sale, Ms.Walters, Mrs. Arith and, Mrs. Ortega all piloted two programs, StudySync and Amplify only Ms. Sale voted for StudySync of those teachers who represented our school. Lucky for Ms. Sale, most of the other teachers at Johnson, Schroeder, and Eastwood agreed with her. Mrs.Ortega is still standing by Amplify, and her students agree.

“StudySync is unclear and difficult for me,” says Jennie Nguyen. When asked about what they specifically don’t like about StudySync most of the students that the “StudySync TV” bit was unnecessary. Another student from Mrs.Ortega’s class, Trevor Alu says, “I feel like it’s repetitive as well,” he says.

Upon hearing Mrs. Ortega’s class’ thoughts, Ms. Sale’s class is quick to defend StudySync. Although many students disagree that their choice has anything to do with their level of reading, Samantha Merino thinks it does, “It makes sense that we would have different opinions on which program is the best because we’re all different grade levels,” she says. This was one of Ms. Sale’s main points while making her case, “all students read at different levels,” she says, “I think the teacher has the most effect on the student’s learning experience.”

Mrs. Airth and Ms. Walters tried to remain open-minded most of the StudySync vs. Amplify race but voted for Amplify because they felt it worked best for their students. Mrs. Airth saw student behaviors change for the better while Ms. Walters saw that her students were more engaged and interested in the Amplify curriculum for seventh grade.

Now that the decision has been made for Study Sync, the teachers are all adapting their teaching to incorporate StudySync into their class routines. One thing is for sure, the students have been working hard this year whether it was with StudySync or Amplify.


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