More Immigration Problems– Reversed! Reply


Kelsey Bisetti & Evelyn Huynh


Many people have probably heard, the U.S. government has been experiencing some problems regarding immigration. However, most of those problems concern forcing immigrants out of America.

Recently, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has found that a record number of people have voluntarily renounced their U.S. citizenship.

Some say they grew tired of paying “absolutely outrageous” taxes, like U.K. politician and conservative, Boris Johnson. The U.S taxes their citizens on all income. This rule sometimes results in surprise tax bills for those who live abroad.

In outrage, Johnson refused to pay the bill, saying that the IRS was “coming for him.”

Others around the globe have renounced their citizenship with a heavy heart, admitting they hate to leave but feel they have no choice. The government has been unofficially forcing them out, according to these sources. Blogger and professor, Rachel Heller, says she still loves America much more than her new home in the Netherlands but has become unable to cope with the unjust laws and violations of her rights as a citizen.

One of the laws in question concerns the right to vote outside of America to show the government the special needs of Americans living in other countries. Heller compares the lack of voting in these matters to tensions in the Revolutionary War. “No taxation without representation!”

Heller also claims that Americans living overseas are treated like pathetic criminals. A form called the Foreign Bank Account Report is required by all citizens living in another country. They enter the income of themselves, their family, the balance of their accounts, etc. It has been speculated that these were created to prevent people from committing tax evasion– Like suspected criminals! These are forms that would cause riots in the U.S. They could even be labeled as a violation of privacy if you look closely.

For those living outside of the US borders, it is unfortunate that they need to leave because of this law. Laws should be written that take consideration of the needs of the civilians that are in America and those that live abroad.

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