Trump’s Travel Immigration Ban Reply


Kenny Tran

Ever since Donald Trump became the United States President on January 20, 2017, there has been much controversy and protests surrounding his presidency and whether he is qualified or not. One of Trump’s first executive orders on January 27, 2017, was temporarily banning travel to the U.S from seven major Muslim nations. Those seven countries being Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen. This ban also puts off refugees planning to come to America.

Trump supporters support his decision. “I do feel safer,” said Dotty Rhea, 68, a retiree from Savannah, Tennessee. “Nobody’s angry with them (immigrants), nobody hates them. We just need to protect ourselves.” Jessica Herrmann, who is part of a military family states, “We love refugees, but we want only those coming here who love us and want to assimilate into our culture and way of life. We’re not mean, we’re not anti-American. It’s kind of sad that we’re going to automatically assume that what Trump’s doing is a horrible thing when we’re just checking who’s coming in.”

A federal judge issued an emergency stay for people who already arrived in the U.S and those who are in transit or hold valid visas, ruling they can not be deported.

The order was quickly decried by Democrats, calling it a “Muslim ban.” Human rights organizations and advocacy groups say that this policy cuts against U.S. values and America’s image. Donald Trump rejected the criticism and said that this ban was nothing like the one he called for in 2015. Trump’s actions reflected back to what he pledged to do during his campaign. His pledge was to stop immigration from Muslim countries that are historically prone to terrorism.

All across the world, protesters gather to denounce Trump’s actions. At Boston’s Logan International Airport, Mayor Marty Walsh joined protesters and asked them to join him in a protest at the city’s Copley Square. At New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, thousands rally against the immigration ban. Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago have also been having the same problems at their airports.

Trump’s immigration order continues to be a very controversial topic, although it is a temporary ban. Many approve of the ban, but at the same time, many strongly disapprove of his order. To find more articles such as this, look at the “Politics” section on the CougarChronicle.

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