Stacey’s Anonymous Hotline 3

Averi Farren

The Anonymous Hotline is an easy way to contact Stacey’s administration to report something anonymously.

For instance, if someone wants to talk about something going on that has been on their mind for a while but would rather talk to an adult anonymously, all they would have to do is open Jupiter ED go to the ‘Messages.’ At the top, there will be four options, they say ‘New Message,’ ‘Hotline,’ ‘Log,’ and ‘Update.’

If you click on the ‘Hotline’ option, it will take you to the Anonymous Hotline, and an empty message box will be ready for you to fill out and send to either Heidi DeBritton, Mrs. Hernandez, or Mrs. Mondt.

The hotline is there if someone or others are being bothered, to report vandalism, or if a student just wants to talk about problems at home.

This is anonymous, so the staff doesn’t see who sent the message.


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