NJHS Induction 1


Kelsey Bisetti

At the NJHS Induction Ceremony, there were candles, children, and black cloaks– Okay, well maybe not black cloaks.

On January 24, several of Stacey’s most esteemed students made an appearance at this prestigious event.

The National Junior Honors Society, otherwise known as NJHS here at Stacey, shows students how gratifying it is to help their community. Participants take part in campus clean ups, help teachers and staff, or volunteer for other local organizations like The Orange County Humane Society, the Huntington Central Library, WAGS, etc.

Mrs. Gates, one of the NJHS leaders, expressed much pride in the honored students. Focusing on scholarship, service, loyalty, character, and citizenship, several students gave speeches in the candlelit room.

NJHS officials are hoping this program will embed these characteristics in their students.

On their official website, it reads, “[NJHS] challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.”


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