Groundbreaking Band Ceremony Reply


Elaine Tong

A “ground-breaking” ceremony for Stacey’s new gym was held Tuesday, January 31, at 3:15 for about an hour. It took place on the black-top. The Stacey band played during the ceremony to commemorate our new gym.

Senators, city council members, teachers, students, school boards, including Westminster’s mayor, Tri Ta, came to celebrate the building of Stacey’s new gym. Many of them, including Stacey’s Principal, Mrs. Debritton, gave speeches. Among those who gave speeches was student body president Maddy Snowdon.

The advanced band students performed several songs: “Great Gate of Kiev,” “Galant March,” “High Adventure,” “Royal Fireworks Music,” and “Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.”

Nathan Nguyen, when asked how he felt afterward, replied, “It was really fun to be able to perform for such prestigious people! I hope this will help our band program!”

Another band member, Cindy Vu, was asked the same question. “The band, a “secret group” which is zero period and sixth period combined, was greatly honored to be able to play for the groundbreaking.

“We played easy songs that we took time to perfect, and we played a few songs that we will play at the concert on February 22. The songs that we will play at our concert were cut short, so if you want to hear the rest, go to our concert.”

Although the construction had already begun on the new gym before the groundbreaking ceremony, it officially observes the beginning of the construction process that will likely take at least a year to be completed.

Please take a moment to watch the video below.

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