Garden Club-What IS happening? Reply


Katelyn Hooker

With the second farmers market coming up on Friday, Feb. 3, Garden Club is preparing for waves of students.

But, the club is actually doing other things to make the school as beautiful as it can be. A little section near the field where Stacey students run is turning into another garden to grow healthy foods.

There will be three beds in all. One bed will be devoted to the Science Department to experiment with different growing methods to experiment which recycled resources work best. They will begin using three types: hay, newspapers, and regular mulch. All Garden Club has yet to do is put the cinder blocks together, and start planting.

The club is doing Stacey a favor, however, as they are fixing all the cinder blocks that have been damaged.   

As time progresses, the bounty of Garden Club will be headed for their farmer’s markets.

Students are encouraged to attend tomorrow’s event with their parents and family members.

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