Requests for 2nd 2017 Dodgeball Tournament 3


Oanh Tran

The second dodgeball tournament of 2017 is coming up soon.  For those interested in making the team for dodgeball, the requests are now open for more teams to be created.  The requests end by February 28th at 3:00 pm.  

To meet the requirements, please pick a team of 6-8 players, choose a team captain, and let the captain go to room G2B to get the forms for the team.  Each player will have to fill out a liability/insurance form, and pay the entry fee of $1.  The captain should receive the paperwork and money and turn it into room G2B.   More…

James and the Giant Peach 2


Mariah Escatel

Get Ready! West Arts Productions is launching into practice for their next show, “James and the Giant Peach.” This production is open to anyone within the Westminster School District, from kindergarten to eighth-grade.

Other than the Summer Musical Camp, “James and the Giant Peach” is the last show for eighth-graders to participate.

“James and the Giant Peach” is about an orphan boy named James, whose parents died from horrible rhino attack. He is then claimed by his evil aunts who use him as a servant rather than care for him. When receiving magical ”crocodile tongues” from a shady magic man, he spills them on his aunt’s’ old withered peach tree. Suddenly a giant peach begins to grow! His aunts use the peach to get money by making it a worldwide tourist attraction. James accidentally finds a way into a giant peach where he meets Spider, Silkworm, ladybug, grasshopper, earthworm, and glowworm. The bugs are human sized and journey with James to New York City.

Come and join the fun on February 28th. Practice time is from 3:15 until 4:30. Audition prep (prep for anyone who wants to try out for a lead role) is from 4:30 till 6:00.


The Human Body and Space 6


Elaine Tong

A study regarding the relation between spending time in outer space and the change in cells recently surfaced. On January 30, NASA revealed a twin study done on the Kelly twins, one of which is a current astronaut, as the test subjects.

First, ten researchers took samples from each of the twins before Scott Kelly embarked into space. These samples helped the researchers identify the visible changes in cells and others by comparing the before and after. More…

Fun Fact: UPS Trucks Almost Never Turn Left 3


Kelsey Bisetti

Okay, that headline probably seemed pretty weird, not to mention random. But who doesn’t love random?

Anyways, back to the point of this article. UPS trucks almost never turn left. This seems like a pretty stupid rule, doesn’t it? But this actually saves about ten million gallons of fuel every year! And with an impending global warming, it prevents one hundred thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, making it the most economical choice, too. More…

Study Sync Takes the Cake Reply


Delaney Powell

Like most of you know, in December the Westminster School District chose StudySync as the new English Language Arts curriculum. After Ms.Sale, Ms.Walters, Mrs. Arith and, Mrs. Ortega all piloted two programs, StudySync and Amplify only Ms. Sale voted for StudySync of those teachers who represented our school. Lucky for Ms. Sale, most of the other teachers at Johnson, Schroeder, and Eastwood agreed with her. Mrs.Ortega is still standing by Amplify, and her students agree. More…

More Immigration Problems– Reversed! Reply


Kelsey Bisetti & Evelyn Huynh


Many people have probably heard, the U.S. government has been experiencing some problems regarding immigration. However, most of those problems concern forcing immigrants out of America.

Recently, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has found that a record number of people have voluntarily renounced their U.S. citizenship.

Some say they grew tired of paying “absolutely outrageous” taxes, like U.K. politician and conservative, Boris Johnson. The U.S taxes their citizens on all income. This rule sometimes results in surprise tax bills for those who live abroad. More…

(Second) Girls Soccer Tryouts for 6th, 7th and 8th Reply


Oanh Tran

Earlier last week, 6th and 7th-grade girls soccer tryouts took place.  Due to lack of time, a second tryout will occur.  The second tryouts are only for girls who were picked to attend.  The event will be taken place on Wednesday, February 22nd after school.  

Separate from the 6th and 7th graders, the first 8th-grade girls’ tryouts will also be held. Any 8th-grade girl will be allowed to tryout.  The tryouts will also be held after school on Wednesday, February 22nd.  For more information, check with Mr. Andrews.

The End it Movement 3


Oanh Tran

Slavery is a part of history. Slavery is also a part of the present. It gets less attention, but it is still happening across the globe even though it is illegal in every country.

According to END IT, a Coalition of the leading organizations around the world that fight for freedom, slavery still exists, and if awareness is not spread, more men, women, and children are going to be impacted. With an estimated 20-45.8 million men, women and children trapped in various forms of slavery around the world including the U.S, there are more slaves today than any other time in history,“ states END IT.    More…