The Worst of the Flu is Yet to Come Reply


Oanh Tran

Over the last few weeks, the seasonal flu was spreading widely in three dozen states.  Starting in October, eight children, overall, have died from the flu according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many students in California, including many Stacey students, along with 36 other states have been impacted by the flu spread.  

What is the flu? The flu is more severe than a common cold and symptoms are usually, fever, sore throat, and body aches.  Children, pregnant women and people over 65 are at risk of being impacted severely from the flu.  The flu, unlike the cold, often comes suddenly.

Recently, flu symptom related visits to the doctor has spiked above average this year and getting a flu shot will be recommended especially for children and elders as they may be impacted.   

Flu season usually starts in October and November and peaks from December and ends in the middle of spring.  The height of the season is this month, February, and will begin to simmer down in March.

To avoid the flu, try to avoid touching public machines directly such as, vending machines, and sharing devices.  (Also, washing hands after touching something that was used, is a good way to stay clean and avoid the flu.

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