Tick Tock 5


Kelsey Bisetti

Imagine having your entire life ripped from your trembling hands in a matter of minutes. Lives are being destroyed daily because courts aren’t taking the time to process complex immigration cases. Everything about this country seems rushed; cars, businesses, people. But there are certain things we still expect time from, and the judicial system should always be one of them.

In the past twenty years, the number of immigration cases has nearly quintupled– Coming in at half a million cases! And of these five hundred thousand cases, 90% have ended in a deportation order.

For years, the leader of the immigration judges union has warned that the overburdened system doesn’t give them enough time or resources to sort out complex cases — noting that the consequences of a wrong decision can be dire,” writes Catherine E. Sholchet, CNN correspondent.

Of course, Donald Trump’s promise to hunt down any and all illegal immigrants isn’t exactly helping matters. Courts feel more rushed than ever to sort out each case, and this extreme pressure may be clouding their judgment, speculators say.

These immigrants just want a second chance, and it’s hard for them to find one when they can’t even get the time of day. People all across the country are hoping against hope that the courts will slow down and spend more time making their decisions.


    • The flags represent many different countries and how some of these country’s citizens are immigrating to the U.S. The article is about how the U.S. needs to quickly resolve issues relating to immigration, which fits with the picture.


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