Get To Meet Oanh Tran! 14


Evelyn Huynh

Meet Oanh Tran! She is a 7th grader coming from Eastwood Elementary, and this is her first year here at Stacey. Oanh is also part of the Stacey Middle School Volleyball Team.

Oanh Tran is her full name, and she was born on April 27, 2004. Her place on the volleyball team is the outside hitter. She has been playing volleyball for two years. She states that volleyball is the only sport she enjoys playing. Oanh plans on going to Troy High School and playing volleyball there as well.

Oanh has two brothers, 16 and 14, a sister, 9, and a female terrier mix, named Stella.

When asked the downsides of playing a sport, she says,“I would say balancing grades with the amount of time I spend with volleyball.”

Aside from volleyball, she also enjoys doing oil paintings and playing the piano. She has been playing the piano for four years. Oanh looks forward to lunch and seeing her friends every day when she comes to school.

Oanh Tran is an amazing person who can make your day better and should be acknowledged for her amazing talents and skills.



  1. Hi! Andy here! Oanh Tran is a bit mean + rude (no offense if Oanh reads this) in my math class. I have Math 7A P1/2 with Mrs. Doyle and Oanh sits across from me.


  2. Oh my goodness Evelyn! I felt that you did an AMAZING article on a person who is AMazing to write about, but may I request sonething from the kindess and the benevolence in your heart


  3. Correction: Oanh has probably changed her mind, as she now attends MHS with me now.


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