Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball Team’s New Jerseys Reply


Oanh Tran

Stacey’s girls’ and boys’ volleyball team received new jerseys on Jan 13.  Both teams pitched in money, and thanks to Vera Luu, one of the eighth-grade players, helped make the request possible.   

The teams are very satisfied with the new jersey’s and are quite grateful they could use the new ones until the end of the season.  The design has the black and white theme of Stacey and a volleyball design next to the school name. On the back, there is the jersey number for each individual player.  

“The new jerseys are a nice way to represent both volleyball teams of Stacey, rather than just representing a Stacey sports team.  It also gives confidence, and I am proud to be able to have these jerseys and be on the team,” says eighth grader Tien Vu.

Both teams played their first game on the 19th against Johnson and are happy to represent Stacey with their new shirts.   

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