Slime Crazy! Reply

Katelyn Hooker

What’s the hype with all this slime?

The answer, it’s a feeling! Some students at Stacey love the feeling of slime but others disagree.

¨Its yucky and sticky,¨ says Christian Berumen.

But it’s “satisfying and calming” according to Ellie Atkins.  

Some other students haven’t got a clue about the slime, or have mixed feelings.

“It’s fun at times and annoying,” says Jack Zuanich.

The real problem with the slime is the prices. Prices can range from one dollar to seven dollars depending on the seller. Ellie Atkins says a good price is four dollars for 4 oz. Bigger packages can be sold for six dollars.

There are, however, different kinds of slime you can buy. You can buy fishbowl, fluffy, floam, and liquidy slime.

To make this slime trend you need: glue (clear or white), shaving cream, lotion, slime activator (contact lense solution, borax, or detergent), and hand soap.    


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