Finding Peace 1

Many people join hands to represent a family unity.

Kelsey Bisetti

Some people believe that there’s a little spark of good in everyone. Then, there are times like this, when the only acknowledgment toward that theory is that sparks die out.

Monday, December 31st, a special-needs teen was kidnapped from a pizzeria in Chicago by four teens, one of which was entrusted to pick him up and bring him to a New Year Celebration.

The entrusted teen was 18-year-old Jordan Hill, an acquaintance of the victim’s from school. According to several accounts, the two engaged in a play-fight that quickly escalated and became violent.

Now, for anyone who’s ever seen a TV show on ID or HLN or another channel of insanity, thoughts of the brilliant cover-up strategies will surface. But this case is different. Instead of attempting to hide their crime, these teens streamed it on Facebook Live!

Those disturbed by this incident are speculating that the aggressors were obviously looking for attention, even if it meant jail time. In this video, the defendants bound the victim in plastic, tied his mouth shut, and proceeded to torture him with words, fists, and even weapons.

In this video, the defendants bound the victim in plastic, tied his mouth shut, and proceeded to torture him with words, fists, and even weapons.

The accused teenagers seem to have no remorse or even true understanding of what they’ve done.

During the livestream, one of the assailants was heard complaining to a friend, “Y’all not even commenting on my .”

Their “punishments” to the victims were extremely brutal, but what may be worse were their motives. Throughout most of the video, they could be heard cursing at the victim, cursing at Trump, cursing at white people in general. They claimed their act of violence was a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, but even the leaders of the Black Lives Matter activist group, and President Barack Obama himself agreed that this was a hate crime and had absolutely nothing to do with the BLM movement.

Former Chicago police officer, Dimitri Roberts said, “This is hate. And hate doesn’t have a color,” Roberts said. “… And we cannot respond to hate with hate. It’s just going to perpetuate the cycle.”

Roberts presents a good point, which many BLM supporters are trying to explain; this brutal beating, falsely classified of an act of heroism, brings Americans back to the start. It would appear to racists that African Americans are, for some reason or another, unworthy of equality or even a bit of respect. Or, it would encourage others to continue this trend, either due to vengeance or the impression that it’s the right thing to do. Violence and ignorance are not the change true activists are looking to bring about. That’s not how peace is found.

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