Meet West Arts New Musical Director 1


Delaney Powell, and Mariah Escatel

Meet Ann-Louise, the new musical director for West Arts Productions musical, Oliver!. Her full name is Ann-Louise Jeffries Thaiss. She has been a musician ever since she was six! “I have always loved musical theater,” says Ann-Louise.  She has always wanted to be a musical director and fulfilled her dream now that she is here. Her goal has always been to have a job to do with music. At first her goal. She also teaches general music, private voice lessons, piano and music for preschoolers.

Ann-Louise was working for another musical theater company, called Ya Yas. Ann-Louise said that how she became West Arts production’s musical director was that she was backstage, and Director Ed Munos was the stage manager and they hit it off, It worked out perfectly because West Arts Productions needed a director.

Although this is the first time she is working for West Arts, she has worked as the musical director for three other programs.  

When asked why she wanted to get into the musical field, Ann-Louise responded by saying, “I came from a musical family, and since I had been exposed to that at a young age, I grew to love it.”

The kids in West Arts say that they have ‘music teacher abandonment issues’ because they have practically gotten a new music director every year, but Ann-Louise plans to stay for a while. “I enjoy the program, I feel at home here,” she says. 

“I love Ann-Louise,” says Jozie Love, an eighth-grade student of Stacey who attends West Arts Productions “I find her energetic approach in teaching music engages us to learn.”

Ann- Louise started off playing the piano when she was six years old, then she started getting more and more into it as her teenage years approached. She then realized that’s what she wants to do with her career. She picked up the guitar and other instruments.

“I think Ann- Louise is really talented. She’s really fun too!” says Nate Powell a Schroeder Elementary student.

This is what director Ed Munos has to say about her, “I think she adds a lot a lot of value to us, first of all, she does all our music, and she’s very friendly and does a fantastic job with it.”

“I think she adds a lot of character to the staff to all the kids,” says Kara, one of the staff members at West Arts Production,“ She brings a lot of life to it.”

Clearly, West Arts Productions is very privileged to have such a hard-working teacher.

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