Advanced Art! 3

img_7189Justin Pham

Advanced art is one of the electives that Cougars can take as their survey class in their 7th and 8th-grade year. This year Advanced Art is taught by Mrs. Karsh, and the classes are during 5th and 8th period. In Advanced Art, Cougars produce beautiful projects such as realistic gridded art drawings, painted wine bottles, fantastic collages, paper mache models, and much more.

Students also create and present an artist presentation. First, students choose an artist that they would like to present chosen from a list that is provided by Mrs. Karsh. They then have to research facts about the artist of their choice. After putting together the final product, students then choose a date to present their artist. However, choosing the dates to do the projects is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so students have to be quick when choosing a date for their presentation. Students are then graded on how well they used the information to form their presentation and how they present their presentation.

The Advanced Art students are currently working on their ceramic bottle project. Students are to select a glass wine bottle of their choice, then they will coat the bottle with three layers of gesso, which is a primer that is used for smoothing out surfaces such as canvases so that the paint or watercolors won’t seep into it. Students will then sketch a design of what they want to paint on the bottle on a piece of paper, so they have an idea of what it will look like. After the design is approved, students will then paint their design on the actual bottle.

Students have also just finished a realistic gridded art drawing, which is created using only 2B and 4B shading pencils. Students first have to find a realistic picture that they like. The picture can be from anywhere, such as the internet, or if children have pictures that they like and want to use that for the project. Students then fetch a ruler and lightly draw a grid on their picture. They then find a piece of construction paper (12×18), and they then draw another grid on it. Afterward, students focus on each square in the picture and fill it in according to what is on the smaller version. The results of the project are so detailed that a lot of times people aren’t able to differentiate the real picture from the gridded drawing.


Recently, the Advanced Art students went on a field trip to the J. Paul. Getty Museum in Los Angeles where they were able to explore and observe the art.

All in all, Advanced Art is a great class to join because of all the exciting activities and fabulous field trips. Hopefully, some students will be inspired and motivated to join the class in the future.


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