New Gym 4


Jordyn Russell

The new Stacey Middle School gym production has begun, Cougars! Although the project may take a year to complete, the end result will be worth it!

Until the project is finished, around the end of 2017, it may be a bit different around campus, especially during P.E and lunch.

At the end of this month and a groundbreaking ceremony is expected at the end of January. The actual building should also begin then.

The gym will include a band room and a supply room attached, as well as a stage. Once the gym is completed, the district will also redo the parking/drop off area. 

According to Mrs. DeBritton, the project is costing between 10 to 15 million dollars. 

Physical education will be more challenging while the gym being built. However, the mile will change the most. Students will start in a different area but run the same distance. 

The new and improved gym will make sports easier to play, and after school practices won’t be canceled because of rain.


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