Ask Sam: F.O.M.O. Reply

Dear Sam,

I went on a family vacation over break. I thought it was so much fun, but the only downside was that I didn’t get to hang with any of my friends. I thought that it would be super chill when I got back to school on Tuesday, that people would just be talking about how either they did absolutely nothing or went on an incredibly expensive vacation, but when I arrived on Tuesday, I saw my group of friends all laughing in a circle. I walked up, and they started saying a bunch of things that I didn’t understand, but then laughing, when I asked why it was so funny, they said that it was an inside joke. I have never felt so unincluded. Their nails were all painted super pretty, they said they all went to get them done over the break.  I thought MY vacation was fun. Clearly, it wasn’t as fun as theirs.



Dear Coolcookie49,

First off, don’t let your friends deprive you of your wonderful break. If you really felt like you had a good time without them, that’s totally fine. You shouldn’t feel like you have to have had a horrible time just because you didn’t understand a few jokes. Also, about the inside jokes, if you want to be able to be a part of the inside jokes too, then make some of your own, hang out with your friends, make some memories too! Give it a week, after that, they will be talking about a whole different thing, with different jokes.



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