False Hope 6


Kelsey Bisetti

Everybody, even professionals, makes mistakes. However, many online, printed, or broadcast news companies are presenting you with manipulative or short-sighted and even “fake” news, as to confuse or persuade readers.

Now, many may think, “Who’s that stupid?” Well, not to be harsh, but many middle or high school students are simply standing by as the wool is thrown over their eyes. And sometimes, it’s not even their fault! Newspapers are purposefully manipulating their audiences by twisting the facts or leaving them out entirely!

And why, some may ask, would they do this? For the same reason most businesses do things.


By “bedazzling” news stories, publisher’s can create a story that most people want to read. Something fresh, something new. But does that really make it alright to change the facts?


  1. This are bad, mean, and cruel. Even though people want to read interesting news, that doesn’t mean the publishers can put on fake news or “slightly twist the facts”.


  2. Actually, it’s proven that news articles tend to portray false information to excite readers AND to create another article to further debunk it. Most online news sources gain income from advertisements, therefore they create as much articles as they can to further profit from it. Fake news articles are not just to mess with readers. Also, hi Ms. Walters! I miss Stacey :c


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