Getting To Know Mrs. Doyle 1


Evelyn Huynh

Mrs. Doyle is a well known 7th-grade math teacher at Stacey Middle School. She has been teaching for 15 years.

Born on January 11, 1977, her full name is Karla Ann Doyle, and she grew up in the desert of Southern California (Palm Desert) and moved to the central coast in Monterey when she was a teenager.  

Mrs. Doyle went to Lincoln Elementary in Palm Desert, Palm Desert Middle School, Monterey High School, Humboldt State University, and National University.

Mrs. Doyle has an older brother named Andy that is 6 foot 6 inches. She also has two twin girls, Evangeline and Chloe, who are both the age of seven, as well as two dogs. She describes herself as patient and easy going. Mrs. Doyle says that she is very close to Mrs. Gates, Mr. Dandridge, and Mrs. Dandridge here at Stacey Middle School.

“I look forward to helping students understand and make sense of math,” said Mrs. Doyle.    

Mrs. Doyle also states that she took up teaching because she loves to help others and for the summer breaks. She also states that she would have been a doctor, nurse, or something in the medical field if she didn’t take up teaching.

One comment

  1. Andy the cool + nerdy 8th grader who has 2nd lunch M-Th, 1st lunch Friday but really wanted to have 2nd lunch every day says:

    Happy belated 41st birthday, Mrs. Doyle!


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