A Man Walks into a Cargo Hold 1


Kelsey Bisetti

So, a man walks into a cargo hold and emerges nearly two hours later, screaming bloody murder. No, this is not the beginning of some brilliant joke (though it really should be).

This is the story of a man who awoke to find himself twenty-seven thousand feet above the ground! Luckily, the cargo hold was pressurized and air conditioned, due to a previous occurrence in 2015.

How does somebody find themselves locked in an airplane? Easy, actually. Many times, while waiting for passengers to arrive or for the weather to clear up, baggage handlers simply fall asleep! When interviewed on this incident, Paul Thompson, a ramp agent at Denver International Airport,  said that most baggage handlers are prone to napping, but smart enough to do it near the door, not tucked away in the corner.

But this is only one of the many suspicious details concerning the incident. This man was dressed as an employee, though nobody remembers seeing him, so his identity is still being confirmed. He refused all medical treatment and didn’t call for help while trapped in the underbelly of the plane.

United Airlines is currently investigating this as a security manner, due to the suspicions surrounding his mysterious appearance.

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