Dear Sam – Accidental Invitation 1

Dear Sam,

All of winter break I was so lonely. But then out of nowhere, I got included in this giant group text, with like thirteen people in it. It said that they were all going to Knott’s that coming Tuesday. I was so excited to be invited to Knott’s with them. When I showed up, I spotted the giant group of people with familiar faces, so I went up to them. They asked me what I was doing there, and I just replied with, “I was invited.” They said, “No, we didn’t invite you, maybe it was an accident.” Then I kinda just awkwardly walked away and hung out by the log ride. Luckily, I had season passes and didn’t have to pay for a ticket. I waited until my parents called me back. I feel like now everybody thinks I’m a dork. I want to lock myself in the closet for the rest of my life.



Dear, Lonely_ Pearsona,

You’re gonna be okay. Even though sometimes embarrassing things may seem like the ‘end of the world’ your don’t need to lock yourself in a closet. I’m sure that the people who accidentally invited you won’t think you’re a dork, they most likely forgot the whole thing happened and just enjoyed being at Knott’s. If anything, they should feel embarrassed that you were included by accident and that they put you through the ordeal. Don’t stress about it.



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