Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Attend A Third-World School? Reply


Averi Farren

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a third-world school? Southern Highland Primary School is an elementary school in Africa. Many kids that attend school in Africa would be considered lucky because children in Africa usually don’t attend school.

Many people that live in third-world countries, such as Africa, go to low-class schools. Most are lucky just to be able to get enrolled into a school. Schools like Stacey are things that they don’t see every day.

Compared to Stacey, a third world school like Southern Highland Primary seems very poor. They have little to no school supplies and almost no privileges. It would be hard for students in America to imagine not having access to computers, nice classrooms, air conditioning, fans, or nice desks (that did not give you splinters) or even carpet.

Typically, kids in America complain about getting an iPhone 5 when they want the 6 or 7. Kids in Africa complain that they don’t get to go to school. Some students here take a school like Stacey for granted.

“I personally think that we should not take advantage of the materials that we have been provided with, but rather embrace it and feel lucky to have what we have,” states 7th grader Evelyn Huynh.

So the next time a person is complaining about not getting something they want, they should just think back to those less fortunate.

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