Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball Games 1

image-1Oanh Tran

After holding volleyball club for almost three months, Mr. Cota formed the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams. The first real game will be played on January, 17th for both teams against Johnson.  

To reach the schools, the volleyball teams will be provided bus transportation with Mrs. Sass and Mr. Cota.  

The second game will be against Warner on the 24th, and the third game is on the 25th against both Warner and Johnson at the Johnson Gym.  

“I look forward to playing against both teams as a way to improve and get closer to the other girls on the team,” says 8th grader Tien Vu.  

Both teams have two more weeks to practice on Tuesdays/Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays, and working towards the goal of positivity and improvement.    

Unfortunately, the volleyball season is short are will soon come to an end at the close of this month.

Good luck, Cougars! 

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