Goodbye 2016 2


Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

2016 brought with it many new trends and iconic moments, like the whip and nae nae, the dab, everyone’s sudden crazed love for Starbucks, Hillary Clinton running for office, Trump being elected President, and much more.

To end the eventful 2016 year, students at Stacey Middle School were all asked the same question; ‘‘How do you feel about the year, 2016 ending?’’

7th grader Olivia Iverson said when asked, “Um I’m ok with it, I kinda want 2016 to be over so all the new stuff, like- I’m done with dabbing, like dabbing no. Just no.”

“I’m ok with it. It’s really good except for the president… ELECTION!” said Brandon Vu, a 7th grader.

7th grader Maddy Fracassa said, “I feel great because 2016 has been hard and I didn’t like it.”

When asked Annabele Edwards, a 7th grader said, “Horrible! In my opinion. The things I’ve been through… It wasn’t a good year.”

“I’m eating!” said Catherine Eagleson when asked.

“Uhh, I don’t know. I just think it’s a bad thing Donald Trump is president,” says Jack Carson, 7th grader.

When asked how she felt, Katie Weir, an 8th grader said, “Umm I guess I feel that it’s a good ending to, uhh, a good year and a new start again.”

“I mean I feel great, you know? But like, 2017 and 2018 I’m gonna be like an eighth grader, and most of my friends are going to different schools, and so I’m gonna be sad,” says Honey Nguyen a 7th grader, “but I’m gonna be happy and sad because I mean… it’s a new year, new me. DAB!”

“I’m sad because I had a fun year,” said Grace Spielman, 7th grader.

“I’m still eating!” said Catherine Eagleson, 7th grader.

“Um, I don’t want it to end,” said 7th grader Pierce Peiffer.

Arthur Metina a 7th grader said, ‘‘I want it to be over so then there can be 2017, 2018, 2019… 2020 Kanye.”

Sean Calderwood said, “Uhh I don’t, I don’t really know… I guess it was great.”

“I feel it went by very very fast.” said Garret Vogelie a 7th grader.

Ready or not, 2017 is here, and it is an opportunity to set new goals and make great new friends and memories. Here’s to it being a great year!


  1. I feel like “Meh.” about 2016 ending. I would feel a bit more sad when 2017 ends, because I will have survived a whole year of middle school plus, my cousins and their parents are coming over from Ho Chi Minh City.


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