Farm on Mar’s Market (or just Farmer’s Market for the rest of us) 11


Elaine Tong

Garden Club hosted Farmer’s Market on December 2, 2016, near the front office which brought much attention to parents, students, and teachers. Many members participated in raising money for a new garden. In total, 27 club members gathered to sell as well as Ms. Thach and Mrs. Janssen.

Farmer’s Market had a variety of produce to buy. The items available for purchase were fruit, vegetables, and succulent arrangements. Within these included oranges, guavas, persimmons, pumpkins, lettuce, basil and lemons.

When asked, students gave positive responses to the farmer’s market.

Sydney Vo stated, “It’s great! It helps raise money for the school, and people get healthier, too!”

Some students came by Farmer’s Market with a particular fruit in mind. A student, Rebeka Macias said, “I looove those guavas!! Mmmm!”

Teachers and parents also stopped by to purchase produce. One of Stacey’s teachers, Mrs. Cleckler, simply stated, “I love it!”

If students missed their chance to come by the first Farmer’s Market, there will be other opportunities in the future. Ms. Thach, the founder of Garden Club, said that this Farmer’s Market was only the first, and there will be two other markets that will be hosted before the school year ends.



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