Ask Sam – Super Awkward 1

Dear Sam,

I’m always super awkward around my crush, and the other day I fell and landed face first on his foot. What should I do to be less awkward?


Starninabeana-in the Sharbina

Dear Starninabeana-in the Sharbina,

It’s ok to be a little quirky. We all are, but when it comes to crushes, sometimes we want to avoid being unusually awkward. Listen, If you truly are an awkward person, don’t deny it, embrace it! Let your crush know the real you, the person who always trips and lands on other people’s feet. If you really aren’t an awkward person, and this was just an accident, then you will grow out of it and mature. Don’t stress about it, it was a one-time thing. Overall, just be yourself!


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