Book Fair Reply


Justin Pham

It’s that time of year again! Stacey Middle School is hosting another book fair! The book fair is a great opportunity for students to go purchase new books that have just been released and to see what books are hot and which are not. Take advantage of this book fair to get newly released books, and the money that is used to buy the books will go to the school’s book credit.

The book fair is going to be held on Monday, December 5, to Friday, December 9. However, if students are not able to make a visit to the book fair during that time period, then there will be another book fair in a couple of months, where everything will be buy one, get one free! Even though there are no special promotions for the book fair coming up, the books are still very well priced.

This year, the book fair has a variety of great books from scary books such as “Took,” by Mary Downing Hahn, to the very famous, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney! Also, there won’t just be books that are available for purchase. There will be items for sale such as pencils or pens, and there will also be fun stuffed animals and small fun toys to buy as well! Be sure not to miss out on the book fair, because it is a very fun event to go to, and students won’t regret going to it.

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