Animal Agriculture Impact Reply


Oanh Tran

Some might have tried saving the planet by simply using less of everything. Such as driving less, and taking shorter showers, but have you ever thought about the products and food you eat?  According to the investigators in the documentary Cowspiracy,  51% of climate change is from livestock and their byproducts.  This has a negative impact on the world and our health.

Climate change, a myth?  Some might be thinking it’s a myth, but it is happening RIGHT NOW.  Humans are making the earth deteriorate.  

Animal agriculture is only one of the many causes of Global Warming, also causing deforestation, species extinction, land usage, and waste.  Every second, 1-2 acres of forests are destroyed to raise cattle, to fit human wants, and which is 91% of the reason there is a reduction of forest land.  110 species of insects are lost every day from the lack of rainforests.  

Cattle products also use 55% of water usage. Domestic water used at home only takes up five percent.   Every hamburger you buy/eat equals 660 gallons of water that animal agriculture consumes every day.  660 gallons of water is equivalent to showering for two months.

For every 1.5 acres, 37,000 pounds of plant-based foods could be grown rather than having 375 pounds of meat.  Waste from 2,500 dairy cows equals waste from a city of 411,000 residents.   An average meat eating person eats the same amount of beef that take 18 acres to raise where a vegetarian eats ⅙ of an acre per year.  

“We want to aware people that there are more reasons to why the world is changing.”  

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