Slaying Dragons Reply

study-sync  amplify

Mika Mendoza & Kelsey Bisetti

Literature can take us to magical places, places where legendary creatures roam the forests and good has the power to beat evil. Every. Single. Time.

The power of a good book is truly undeniable. To experience that power, students need to learn from the best that is available.

Several teachers Miss Walters, Mrs. Airth, Mrs. Ortega, and Miss Sale are piloting two different programs in an attempt to find the best way to teach reading and language arts in the Westminster School District. The two programs being piloted are StudySync and Amplify.  

The teachers began using Study Sync at the beginning of the year and Amplify on Oct. 20 and plan to end the trial on December 14 when the teachers vote for the best program. Students will also take a vote to help decide upon our official new English Language Arts program. 

Even after the decision is made, only teachers who were already piloting the programs will use it for the remainder of this year. The rest of our proud Cougars will wait until next year to use this program. 

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