Nothing You Can Do Reply


Kelsey Bisetti

Stupid. Ugly. Freak.

These are the cruel, untrue things people say about children born with microcephaly, a disease causing a baby to be born with an abnormally small head and developmental delays. While this could be caused by down-syndrome, malnutrition, Craniosynostosis, or a number of other ailments, Zika virus has been affecting a frightening number of children in the U.S., recently.

Zika is a virus found in mosquitoes, most commonly residing in South America, but it’s making it’s way towards California. The only good news about Zika (if you could even call it that), is that it would be practically harmless to most American citizens. Of course, there is always a chance of affliction or even death, but these symptoms are most common in pregnant women and their unborn children.

Scientists are hard at work to find a cure for this devastating epidemic, but for the time being, there is little to be done for the innocent babies affected by Zika.

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