Whip Cream Faced! 😵 Reply

IMG_0430.jpgKatelyn Hooker

On Wednesday, Nov. 16  at lunch, Stacey students witnessed a clash of students, battling to find one red Skittle. It was, the Battle of the Homerooms!

Daring students participated in an event with whipped cream and one red skittle. They grabbed their partner and dug their face in a tinfoil plate of whipped cream to find a lone skittle. The first to do so was declared victorious.  

´´It was like the X Games,´´ Julian Gonzalez stated.  

First lunch winners were Grant Brenton and Connor Scharein from Mrs. Thach’s homeroom.

Mrs. Gates’s homeroom took the honors for second lunch with Bella McGookin and Shaheen Majid the champions.

Everyone laughed as they crammed their face into the whipped cream. It was a very joyous event.

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