The Death of an App 4


Delaney Powell

On July 6, 2016, an app was released that shook the world. Pokemon Go was the game of the year, or so we thought.

Ever since this school year started, people haven’t been as excited to play it anymore.

Alex Terrible was once a Pokemon Go enthusiast, but now she says, “I don’t have time to play it anymore. I just sort of lost the motivation to play.”

When you think about it, this sort of thing has been happening to apps and even social media platforms for years.

When students were asked what they thought of ‘old’ websites such as Facebook and MySpace, Brandon Geers a seventh grader here at Stacey laughed and stated, “My mom uses that website.”

Kylie Brennan, another seventh grader here at Stacey, says, “I don’t even know what ‘MySpace’ is.”

When students were asked about Pokemon Go they all knew what it was, but the question is, in two years, will anyone remember this app?

These things have happened to games also.

Who remembers Candy Crush? Maybe it’s lost in one of your old game files or maybe you deleted it a long time ago. Either way, some people assume the same tragic thing is happening to Pokemon Go.

“It had people outside,” says Trevor Alu, an eighth grader here at Stacey. As much as older people want to disagree, it had more people walking than ever, and that was a good thing.

In the long run, we all thought this game would be played until the end of time, but in reality, it only lasted three months!

Melanie Lam an eighth grader at here at Stacey says, “Most likely, by the time December rolls around Pokemon Go will be completely forgotten”


  1. yeah. All apps have their time and will eventually decrease the user’s interest after a month or two. So what’s the point of downloading them anyway?


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