It All STEMs From Here Reply


Kenny Tran

With the first trimester coming to an end, the STEM (science, mathematics, engineering, and technology) class is wrapping up the bridge projects.

One of the students’ first bridges was a beam bridge. The beam bridge is one of the simplest bridges in life and is one of the easiest to build. To build a beam bridge, the STEM class used straws, pins, and tape.

The STEM class’ second bridge was a truss bridge. A truss bridge is a bridge that is composed of a truss. As a substitute, the STEM class built this bridge out of craft sticks, straws, index cards, paper clips, and paper.

The class’ last and final bridge of the trimester was a suspension bridge. A suspension bridge is a bridge where the deck hangs below suspension cords. This bridge was a unique challenge for the STEM students. The students were given a mock budget and had to purchase certain materials from Mrs.Ibbetson. The materials were string and cardboard, so this was an exciting challenge for them!


If you have any questions about joining STEM, or what else they do in this elective, stop by H8 and talk to Mrs. Ibbetson!

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