The Untold Chapter 2


Kelsey Bisetti

Amelia Earhart: A brave, determined young women who died in a plane crash nearly seventy years ago, in 1937. Right?

Recent evidence suggests that there may be an untold chapter of Amelia’s life that many are unaware.

In 1940, archaeologists discovered the skeletal remains of a young female of Amelia’s height and ethnic origin on the island of Nikumaroro, Kiribati. However, what stood out to investigators were the skeleton’s unusually long forearms, which matched Amelia’s perfectly. All this evidence supports a newfound theory.

Amelia Earhart died as a castaway, not in a plane crash.

Many people refuse to accept this newfound knowledge, claiming it’s nothing but a conspiracy theory.

Do you believe that Amelia Earhart endured months of harsh weather and starvation before her untimely death? Or do you think her last moments alive have been lost to the deep blue sea?


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