Corporate Attire? More Like Carpet Tiles 2


Kenny Tran

Need extra credit points? Well, here’s your chance! It’s time for Stacey’s Corporate Attire program to begin.

Corporate Attire is for eighth graders to dress as corporate leaders. These days are scheduled for every Tuesday for the rest of the year. This program is meant to help eighth graders understand how to dress for success.

Eighth graders have an exit interview at the end of the year, so dressing up for the rest of the year allows you to be prepared for that event.

Corporate Attire for boys would include a collared shirt and tie with slacks or very dark jeans. The shirt and belt should be tucked in, and there should be clean shoes and dark socks. Jackets are optional and hair should be clean and combed.

Corporate Attire for girls should be a work dress or skirt and blouse that is appropriate length with no bare shoulders. Dress pants with a blouse or sweater also works. Comfortable shoes, and can include two-inch heels. The hair should be off the face, and girls should have a clean natural professional look, with natural makeup (optional). Girls may wear a jacket or an appropriate sweater, and jeans are not allowed.

Corporate Attire is an optional program, but it has many positives to it. Most classes give extra credit for dressing up, and it prepares people for what will be ahead.

The eighth-grade team states, “We believe every 8th grader benefits from becoming aware of what corporate dress attire looks like so they can practice using it and present themselves as confident, successful individuals.”

So get dressing eighth graders, it’s your time to look nice!


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