Now Samsung’s Washing Machines Are Exploding? Reply

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Evelyn Huynh

Samsung is known to many for their exploding phones, but now, they are starting to get recognition for their exploding washing machines.

U.S regulators on Wednesday warned owners of a top-loading Samsung washing machines for “safety issues” following reports that some have exploded.

The warning, from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, covered machines made between March 2011 and April 2016. It did not specify a model.

Samsung Electronics and federal regulators announced the recall on Friday after reports that the lids of the machines can pop off violently while the laundry is spinning, posing an injury risk.

Samsung was just hit with a class action lawsuit over the machines in August. Customers in Texas, Georgia, and Indiana all said they were washing clothes when they heard a violent boom. A washer belonging to a McAllen, Texas, woman said her washer “exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage,” according to court documents.

She is part of a class-action lawsuit against the company. A woman in Dallas, Georgia, said it felt and sounded as if “a bomb went off.”

The lawsuit references similar reports collected by local news and filed online regulators. It also claims that they have been moving aggressively to collect and destroy all evidence of the defective machines.

Samsung said that it could happen when washing bedding, water-resistant or bulky items on high speed. The drum can lose its balance, causing excessive vibrations that dislodge the lid. The agency said it is working with Samsung on a remedy.

They declined further comment about the washing machines and is offering customers free in-home repair, with a one-year warranty extension, or a rebate to buy a new washer, from Samsung or another company, with free installation and removal of the old one. Customers who stick with Samsung get $150 toward their next washer.

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