Is Lying Bad for Society? Yes, it is. Stop it. 4


Kenny Tran and Justin Pham

Everyone has lied before. Admit it. Let’s not deny it. Whether some lies are big, or others small, lying is a big part of society. Lying can get a person out of sticky situations or put one in them.  When a person is about to lie to someone, they need to ask themselves, “Is this the right thing to do?” Well, this article might help answer that question.

Lying can have a significant effect on a person’s life. When someone lies, they remember and feel guilty.

When a person lies, they lose people’s trust. Imagine if a friend lied to another friend saying they weren’t dating their friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend, but they were. No one feels good and happy after learning that a friend just lied to them. A friendship would likely end because of the broken trust and ruptured bonds of their friendship. If they were to spread the news about what happened, would many people trust the liar after? Probably not.

Some lies could help get a friend out of trouble, or into trouble. But if a person’s friend did something bad, would it be better to lie for them instead of letting them face the consequences which in reality might be just what they need to develop into a stand-up citizen? 

However, there is a good side to lying as well. Ever heard of the saying, “The truth hurts?” For example, if someone gives a friend a gift for Christmas. They open it up, and they see that it is something really ugly and unappetizing. They shouldn’t share their true feelings because it may damage the relationship. That’s why one says something like, “Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you!” or “Thanks! I love it!”

Eighth-grader Elaine Tong says, “Now if you lie in bed and think about all your lies that you have told, were they for a good cause? If they were, good for you!”

So while honesty is still the best policy, sometimes small lies can be forgiven if they are for the benefit of someone else’s feelings. If you are lying to get out of something, though, think again.


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