Group Project or– Individual?? 2


Elaine Tong

There are many instances where a supposedly collaborative project becomes a one-man team. This incident may occur within a group of strangers or a group of friends. The causes of this may include teammates being too lazy, teammates having another activity to do or teammates who are unable to be contacted.

However, group projects are necessary and beneficial for students, although it may seem irresponsible students prove otherwise.

Collaborative projects teach students the value of teamwork, as well as splitting the work between students, therefore lessening the burden into equal amounts of effort for each member. Furthermore, cooperation lets classmates give each other feedback on their work. While working, students can also discuss information to understand in depth. But these benefits can only be possible if there is constant contact between teammates.

Instructors assume that each member understands their position and their tasks. In this case, it is, in fact, each member’s responsibility to reach out to each person and assign each other’s tasks to prevent confusion from forming, whether it be a mobile device or social media.

Many students wish the riddance of collaborative projects, but group projects are necessary for students. The reason being is the fact that the world revolves around teamwork. Teamwork is necessary for business work, deals, friends, and coworkers. Along with building skills needed for teamwork, group projects also help develop responsibility, consideration in other’s ideas, and having one’s say in things.  

When asked how eighth-grader Cindy Vu feels about group projects, she states, “I like group projects because you get to work with others.” She then adds, “but I don’t like it when you have to do all of the work.”

But even with all these pros, the cons remain. Everyone has an all-too-familiar traumatic memory of having an irresponsible teammate who freeloads off of the work of others. Although most times this teammate will stay constant and unchanging, it is best to stay positive and not be afraid to take the leader’s role.


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