Halloween Lunch Reply


Katelyn Hooker

Cougars enjoyed a sunny double Halloween lunch on Monday, October 31. Sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders gathered to eat lunch with their fun costumes.

Along with talking with friends, students also got to participate in a costume contest with three categories: scary, funny, and best group.

The winner of the scariest category was Jaden Legere dressed as a killer with cereal boxes pinned to her shirt. The funniest was Kaitlyn Schiebergen as a zombie soccer player. The winners of the group section were the rock, paper, and scissors group, otherwise known as Haley Lewis, Jessie Archer, and Paige Meyer Draffen. When the crowd saw that group, they roared!  

After the costume contest was over, all the students gathered on the blacktop to play games like water bottle flipping and moving skittles with straws sponsored by Stacey’s leadership students.      



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