Flu Season Ahead! Reply


Evelyn Huynh

Flu season is coming up, and many will be getting flu shots. Cases of the flu will peak from December to March, circulating at their highest levels throughout the United States.

Nationwide, an estimated 3,000 to 49,000 people die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized each year because of the flu. More…

Ask Sam: Girl With a Crush 1

Dear Sam,

I have a crush on a guy. I thought he liked me until he started avoiding me. Turns out he asked another girl out. Then when he tried to talk to me, I ignored him and now I feel really bad. What should I do?


Girl With a Crush

Dear Girl With a Crush,

Just talk to him, and see what happens. Whenever you think about it, just text him or say hi. Maybe you can focus on becoming better friends and see where that goes. Romance may or may not be in the cards, but it is better to have him as a friend rather than nothing at all.


Thinking about Months 2


Katelyn Hooker  

November is a time for gathering with loved ones to feast and be thankful for everything accomplished, such as New Year’s resolutions. The goddess of this month lost her precious daughter in the underworld and nearly caused starvation from the lack of crops.  

Her name is Demeter, the daughter of Rhea and Cronus and the sister of Zeus. The influence of Demeter was not limited to grain, but extended to vegetation, generally to all the fruits of the earth. More…

Slaying Dragons Reply

study-sync  amplify

Mika Mendoza & Kelsey Bisetti

Literature can take us to magical places, places where legendary creatures roam the forests and good has the power to beat evil. Every. Single. Time.

The power of a good book is truly undeniable. To experience that power, students need to learn from the best that is available.

Several teachers Miss Walters, Mrs. Airth, Mrs. Ortega, and Miss Sale are piloting two different programs in an attempt to find the best way to teach reading and language arts in the Westminster School District. The two programs being piloted are StudySync and Amplify.   More…

Nothing You Can Do Reply


Kelsey Bisetti

Stupid. Ugly. Freak.

These are the cruel, untrue things people say about children born with microcephaly, a disease causing a baby to be born with an abnormally small head and developmental delays. While this could be caused by down-syndrome, malnutrition, Craniosynostosis, or a number of other ailments, Zika virus has been affecting a frightening number of children in the U.S., recently. More…

Whip Cream Faced! 😵 Reply

IMG_0430.jpgKatelyn Hooker

On Wednesday, Nov. 16  at lunch, Stacey students witnessed a clash of students, battling to find one red Skittle. It was, the Battle of the Homerooms!

Daring students participated in an event with whipped cream and one red skittle. They grabbed their partner and dug their face in a tinfoil plate of whipped cream to find a lone skittle. The first to do so was declared victorious.   More…

The Death of an App 4


Delaney Powell

On July 6, 2016, an app was released that shook the world. Pokemon Go was the game of the year, or so we thought.

Ever since this school year started, people haven’t been as excited to play it anymore. More…

The Trimester’s Ending? Already?! Reply


Justin Pham

The end of the trimester is this week! Students only have a few days left to bring up low grades.

Eighth grader Ha Ly says, “I only have a couple B’s, and I am trying really hard to bring them up to A’s by the end of the trimester!”

Also, eighth graders, need to turn in service hours. If the service hours are not turned in, then students without them will not be able to participate in the end of the year Knott’s Berry Farm field trip.

For most, service hours were due last Friday, but there is a chance to turn them in by the end of the trimester!

Take advantage of every opportunity to get those service hours and grades in!

Stacey Football Reply

Katelyn Hooker


Stacey´s football team has hit it off the first trimester with two games played, against Warner and Johnson, both with wins!

The first game the boys played, they took the win against Warner and will hopefully continue again when they play Warner again for the last game of the season on Thursday.

Mr. Cota states that the boys are training specifically for these games.

On Thursday, the game will be held here at Stacey. More details will be posted on Stacey’s website so please take a look.  

Come out to watch the boys’ football team dominate Warner in their final standoffs!

2nd Volleyball Tryouts 1


On Tuesday, November 15th, the second girls’ volleyball tryouts will be after school.  Students that who did not attend the first tryouts are NOT allowed.  The names of who are allowed for second tryouts will be posted.  

Mr. Cota and Mrs. Sass will be watching the students as they play.  There will be nets set up in the field for each rotation, serving, hitting, and passing after school.