Think About the Months! 1


Katelyn Hooker

Halloween is in a few days, but is that all to think about in these favorite months? In Greek mythology, most Gods had their holy month, but which God has October?

There is no Greek God for sure, but there is one young lady who rules the Underworld in said months. Her name is Persephone. Her story is well known.

One day in grassy green fields. Demeter strolled along, growing crops and grass. She came upon her daughter, Kore, as the sun god Apollo was singing to her. In outrage, she drove him away from Kore. Kore became angry and yelled at her mother, and an argument arose. Demeter stormed off leaving Kore and her two servant friends. They roamed the flower fields until a storm formed. The servants fled thinking Kore was with them, but when Kore found a beautiful black and purple flower, a mysterious chariot rode straight toward her.


Hades, the underworld king, snatched her and took her down to his kingdom of death. At first, Kore was scared and cowardly, but then she started to see the beauty of the underworld and Hades himself. She became to realize that she was free from her mother’s wrath, and she changed her name to Persephone.

Meanwhile, with the loss of her daughter, Demeter’s grief was making the crops wither away, and the humans were starving.

Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds with Hades, and a person who eats something in the underworld is trapped there forever. Persephone, being clever, had negotiated with Hades and made it possible to stay in the underworld for six months with Hades, and six months with her mother, Demeter.  

When asking someone what they thought about October, what would they say? What would they do? So the next time a person is thinking about their favorite holiday, maybe they should consider thinking about deeper meanings, some are even fun to research!

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