Roadside Zoos 1

img_2961Oanh Tran

Roadside zoos may be known as a place for children to have fun, and enjoy time with family. Although, it may be an adventure, what about the animals?  The truth is, pseudo-sanctuaries, traveling shows, and normal zoos force animals to live the rest of their lives behind the bars of their cages.  

Living conditions are generally filthy and often dismal.  The man made environment can’t match the natural environment, where it has free space and the diversity the animals need for freedom.  

Animals in captivity often develop zoochosis, similar to psychosis.  According to an animal rights group, PETA, they began an investigation in roadside zoos.  In the investigation, large animals walked in circles for hours without stopping, hurt each other and themselves, and ripped fur, feathers off their bodies.  

Many times, when an animal begins to develop sickness, the zoos just leave the animals to die due to costs.  The deprivation of natural habitat causes loneliness, longing for freedom, and even abuse from workers.  

What is the difference between sanctuaries and roadside zoos? Many zoos can have misleading names by using the words sanctuary or animal rescue.  A majority of “sanctuaries”, actually breed animals and sell them to dealers and exhibitors exploiting the public’s goodwill, and generosity.  

Sanctuaries that provide open wild as space for animals to behave naturally is legitimate.  A roadside zoo scam would allow humans to interact with animals, by taking photos and public displaying.  

Traveling zoos, force their animals to interact and perform using harsh treatment. While traveling, the animals may be stuck together in one cage squished in the dark with no space to walk.  For animals to do tricks, they use torture devices in order to force certain unnatural behaviors.   In their “circus”  environment, it is the same as living in a Roadside Zoo.  


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