Anime Club Reply


Jordyn and Katelyn

Anime Club is up and running and has more than 50 members!  It meets every other Friday in H-6.

So far, Mrs. Valverde and her army of students have had to move classrooms due to the large number. However, the students are grateful for this move, seeing as the club moved into an air-conditioned room.

In the classroom, the students are divided into three teams: manga, anime, and games. The teams play games against one another for points. So far, the manga team is ahead. They won the first game, Slap Shiro (slapjack).  If you are wondering what “Shiro” is, she is a fictional character from the anime “No Game No Life” about two siblings that only want to play games.  

The club members will not only play games but will also have time to draw their favorite anime characters.

It’s not too late for anyone that still wants to join. Mrs. Valverde is still accepting new members.

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