Do You Know What It Means? 1

gender equal opportunity or representation

gender equal opportunity or representation

Delaney Powell

Feminism. Some people might think that’s an ugly word. The actual meaning of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

But how could something so commonly approved of have such a bad reputation? 

When asked what people think feminism means, many will say to make women the superior gender, or according to Emma Dutch, an eighth-grader here at Stacey, “ I think feminism means for all men to die.” More…

Musical Mondays Reply


Delaney Powell and Justin Pham

According to Billboard Top 100, this is the hot top ten for September 2016!

In tenth place, we have,“We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez. This song has gained in performance and has been on the charts for 14 weeks. Charlie and Selena are crushing it. More…

Brine Shrimp 1


Elaine Tong & Evelyn Huynh

The seventh-graders are performing the brine shrimp experiment with Ms. Cleckler, Mrs. Winemiller, or Mr. Dandridge next week. Students will be observing the eggs of brine shrimp from hatchlings to late adults. This assessment should help students understand what variables exist in a science experiment.

Brine shrimp are an aquatic species that can consume algae and some human foods. They are commonly called sea monkeys, which originates from the shape of their tail. The brine shrimp make a fascinating experiment for both children and adults. More…

Robotics Reply


Kenny Tran

With the 2016-2017 year starting, it’s time for some new electives here on the Stacey campus!

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), one of the new electives, has the eighth-grade students learning robotics. STEM is also taught in the “Trimester Wheel”  which is available to seventh graders as well. These electives are taught by Mrs. Ibbetson, the eighth-grade science teacher. More…

Back to School Night Reply


Averi Farren

Welcome back, students and parents! Back to school night is on Wednesday, September 14th. While students are not encouraged to attend, at least one parent should come.

Teachers will be walking parents through each child’s class showing what will be learned this year.

Back to school night will start at 5:30 in the MPR with a 15 minute PTSA meeting. After, parents will follow their child’s schedule from 6:05 to about 7:50. There is one important exception to the schedule; PE class will be held in the MPR.

Hopefully, each child has given his or her parents the filled out schedule to follow. These were assigned in homeroom last week.

Welcome back to, and welcome to, Stacey Middle School.