Nathan Nguyen 5


Elaine Tong

Nathan Nguyen receives plenty of attention from his distinctive appearance and his several talents.

He is an excelling Stacey eighth-grader while juggling academic studies and his passion for music. Nathan plays more than five instruments: the piano, clarinet, ukulele, guitar and percussion instruments.

Along with help from Mr. Woodruff during school hours, Nathan extensively practices during the weekends in addition to piano lessons. Moreover, he also simultaneously attends church services to perform guitar arrangements in choirs.

“Music is one of my biggest passions that drive the course of my life,” says Nathan.

Nathan states, “Most of my weekend is spent doing community service, practicing music, and doing homework. However, on Sunday, I like to visit my friends at parks, malls, etc.”

At other times, Nathan academically challenges himself while helping his peers with their studies.

Nathan has a rare skin disease known as alopecia. It is a condition which causes sudden hair loss that forms bald spots from the immune system attacking hair follicles. Nathan has had this condition since fourth grade until it became prominent in seventh grade. He constantly has to visit the doctor for several treatments.

“I have lots of health conditions. Most of my conditions revolve around my immune system being overly active,” states Nathan.

However, Nathan’s appearance often gets many looks from strangers. Despite being a kind and friendly person, Nathan commonly endures unwanted attention and sneers towards his appearance.  

When interviewed about the kind of attention he often receives, Nathan said, “Stares and stares and stares. Occasionally, someone would comment about my appearance. I tend to ignore it, although it makes me very agitated.”

But even so, Nathan is constantly surrounded by the warmth of his friends. When asked of his friends, Nathan responds, “My friends back me up whenever someone tries to attack me due to my appearance. My friends are also an amazing source of support and laughter.” Nathan proceeds to explain how his friends are all immensely supportive and accepting.

To sum it all up, Nathan is an exceptional student. He enjoys music and contributes to many services. He plans to audition for OCSA’s (Orange County School of Arts) winds and piano conservatory. Despite all of the attention surrounding his appearance, Nathan continues to chase after his dreams with the help of his friends.

When asked how this article would help him, Nathan concludes, “I’d say this article would help make me more approachable. Socializing is really fun, but I never realized how difficult it would be even to try to approach and talk to me for the first time.”


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