Mrs. Doyle’s “New” Classroom 1


Evelyn Huynh

This year, math teacher, Mrs. Doyle, will be rearranging her classroom. Wanting to be able to move around the classroom and not be trapped at the front of the class, she decided that it would be a good idea to redesign the room. Towards the end of last year, she started to discuss about it, but this year, it will become a reality.

To get her project started, Mrs. Doyle had her students do a classroom design project. A little bit of each classroom’s design will inspire the new space. Her original inspiration to rearrange the room came from Twitter. One new idea has been to redesign some of her cabinets.

Mrs. Doyle will be working with Mrs. DeBritton and some other people from outside the school district. Some of the furniture will be created by Mrs. Doyle, some will be borrowed, and some, hopefully, can even be purchased.

Stay tuned for periodic updates of Mrs. Doyle’s new classroom!


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